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NIMBLE: Super Rippy Low Impact Design
RIDEABILITY: Perfect Frame Geometry
CASH FLOW: Low Cost + High Performance = More Fun!
CONTROL: 99cm Ripper Skis with Ginzu Knife like edges that will make a Benihana Chef wish he had a pair
FLEXIBILITY: Extra wide bars…you get to choose your riding width that matches your style…no one bar for all!
CARVEABILITY: Enhanced Skibike Pedal Height…nothing to drag as you rip the steeps
SIMPLICITY: 80% assembled to you…simple assembly required…just supply Allen Wrenches… Simple as that


SB200 Limited Edition

Building off the success of the #1 selling SkiBike for the past 2 seasons…the SB100 All-Mountain SkiBike, the team at SkiByk are excited to announce our newest model the SB200 Limited Edition. For those looking for high-end performance enhancements…the SB200 will deliver.  



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