Your new SkiByk comes partially assembled from the factory, this is to insure some of the key components are assembled properly and help you get on the hill sooner. However YOU MUST check all of the bolts and connections to make sure they are tight. We HIGHLY recommend you do this each time you head to the slopes.   

Parts Checklist


  ALERT…prior to assembly please check to insure you have all parts…we have done a check of all parts prior to shipping to you and have included the checklist with a signature. If you find any parts are missing prior to assembly please contact us immediately at   

Tools needed
1. 4mm, 5,mm & 6mm Allen Wrenches  
2. 15mm wrench for pedals
3. Blue Loctite for all bolt threads (recommended)  

Please note we have also posted a video of the assembly process on our website at, we encourage you to watch this as well and reference it throughout the assembly process.   

Ski Bike Assembly



Front fork and Handlebar assembly (Please note the bearings should be set in the head tube…in the event they dropped out in shipping, please start at step 1…if they are still seated in the head tube start at #2)

1. Slide the bottom bearing onto the fork stem

2. Slide the shock with bottom bearing into the head tube…be careful to not knock out the top head set

3. Slide top bearing down the stem 

4. Slide retainer down the stem until it is seated

5. Slide large tapered spacer onto fork stem

6. Slide additional spacers as needed no more than 3-4 spacers are recommended



7. Slide Handle post over fork stem

8. Slide remaining spacers over fork stem to handle post

Note with the last spacer attached above the handlebar clamp…the top of the fork stem should be recessed a minimum of 1/16th inch

9. Insert top cap and bolt into top of fork stem and tighten

Note once top and bolt are tightened this should secure all bearings and spacers to insure there is no play.

10.  Adjust handle post to face forward and tighten the two 6mm allen bolts. 

NOTE make sure the handlebar clamp is straight…if you find after final assembly the bars are not straight you can make adjustments later

11.  Attach Handlebars by removing the four 6mm allen bolts placing your bar in the bracket  adding top clamps and bolts 

12.  Tighten the four 6mm allen bolts with the 6mm allen wrench.


13.  Attach seat and seat post tighten seat post clamp using the 5mm Allen wrench.  

14.  Check the 6mm allen bolts that attach the seat to the post, insure they are tight  

  NOTE the seat tube clamp and seat post clamp allen bolts should be checked prior to every ride, failure to insure these are tight could cause and injury to the rider and loss of warranty  


  NOTE we recommend no more than 4” of the seat stem be exposed above the seat tube…heights above this can put unnecessary stress on the seat tube and cause a potential failure. Failure to properly install the seat and seat tube in the seat post could cause injury and loss of warranty  

    NOTE it is important that the seat not be lowered to a point where it could impact the rear shock and when making any adjustments to the height of the seat that you insure the clamp is tight. Failure to tighten the clamp could cause the seat post to slip down and impact the rear shock and cause damage to the rear shock…damage caused by the seat post impacting the rear shock and damaging it will not be covered under the warranty  


15.  Attach the pedals using a 15mm wrench right pedal clockwise 

16.  Left pedal counter clockwise   

NOTE Make sure the threads are not cross threaded by tightening them first by hand. Additionally, the pedals should be checked prior to every ride to insure they are tight, failure to do so could cause injury to the rider and loss of warranty  


17.  Mount the skis using the eight 4mm allen bolts and washers.  

18.  Loctite is recommended  Red is permanent, Blue is medium strength 

19.  Align the skis and insert the eight  4mm allen bolts and washers by hand insuring the  threads are not cross threaded (note you will have to use the washers or the bolts will be too long) 

20. Using a 4mm allen wrench tighten the bolts until snug   

NOTE: Be careful to not cross thread your bolts it is recommended to put them in by hand to insure they are going in properly. Also, you must have a washer that is provided to insure proper depth of the bolt into your ski! The Allen bolts on your skis should be checked prior to riding…failure to follow all of the above mounting instructions could cause separation from the SkiByk, failed inserts and will not be covered under warranty  

  The SkiByk Ripper All-Mountain 99’s are the perfect all-mountain ski. With proper use and maintenance you should be able to enjoy them for years to come.   Your Ski’s have a sintered base that will need to be waxed prior to your first ride…if you are not capable of doing this we suggest you wax them prior to installing on your SkiByk,  we recommend you take them to a ski and/or snowboard shop. If you do know how to wax your skis, it is easiest to do them while mounted to the SkiByk…simply turn your SkiByk over and get to waxing. We have covered the proper maintenance and care of your Skis in a separate video. For the best performance of your SkiByk Ski’s it is best to wax them on a continual basis. Failure to maintain your SkiByk Ski’s properly could result in injury to the rider and loss of warranty  


Finally make sure to check and tighten if necessary front 4 retention post Allen bolts and 4 fork thru axle allen bolt using a 5mm Allen wrench.

Congrats…you have now assembled your SB100 SkiByk…stand back and admire your SB100, take a look at the clean lines, the overall look, the perfect geometry of the curve protecting your rear shock. If you have assembled the SkiByk in your family or living room like most of us have…stand on the pedals. How does the angle of the handlebar feel? Does the handlebar need to go forward or back? Is it at the right height for you? Remember you have the ability to adjust the ride and performance of the SB100 SkiByk to your liking by changing the angle of the bars and/or their height…experiment with this and we are confident you will find the perfect angle and height for you.   

SB100 front retention system (FRS)

  The FRS on the SB100 SkiByk is a critical component to the rideability and overall performance of the SkiByk. The Rubber Retention Straps provide a similar flex that ski boots and/or snowboard boots provide a rider. The basic concept…too stiff and the ski will not carve into a turn, too soft and the ski will not hold an edge. Snow conditions can play a role in the performance of the SkiByk as it does for skiers and snowboarders. We recommend that in addition to handlebar angle and height you configure the Retention Straps in one of the 3 recommended configurations until you find the one that works for your SkiByking style, your height, weight and the average snow conditions you will be using your SB100 SkiByk in. The overall purpose of the FRS is to insure the front ski maintains contact with the snow while riding and that the skis return to a neutral or +1-2 degrees angle. In this section we will cover the 3 different ways the Rubber Retention Straps can be configured and how to adjust the Ski angle to your liking.  

Front Retention System


Configuration 1

This is the configuration that your SkiByk came with from the factory. This is the stiffest set up to allow you to explore the entire mountain, drop in on steeper run and shred through the bumps…this will probably be the set up most Ski Bikers will use. Please note while we do not condone extreme riding for your safety…if that’s what you are into keep the retention straps this way and get after it!.   


Configuration 2

Moderate retention…preferred by our lighter riders and on deeper days. This will allow you to initiate a carve with the SkiByk and hold an edge, while giving the front of the ski more play in the softer deeper snow  


Configuration 3

Soft Retention…You weigh a 135 LBS dripping wet…this is the absolute softest retention and one the majority of riders will never use…for absolute beginners on beginner terrain. Will allow them to easily initiate a turn  

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  NOTE SkiByk, LLC has provided these 3 configurations for the SB100 SkiByk based on our experiences and the countless feedback we received from many riders in all types of conditions, different heights, weights, ages, riding abilities and riding style. We, at SkiByk, LLC do not know your riding conditions, abilities, styles, height, weight and age so it is your responsibility to correctly choose the configuration of the FRS that will work for you. Any configurations outside of the recommendations can result in ski breakage, damage to your SkiByk and said damages will not be covered under warranty.   

  Warranty info:   The following items are covered under a 1 year warranty from time of purchase:   Skis Frame Front Shock Rear shock Front Retention Bracket Rear retention bracket   All other items including but not limited to Handlebars, seat, seat post, pedals, bolts, quick release clamps will not be covered under this warranty or any warranty whether express and/or implied.   Warranty procedure   Document the warranty claim with photos and send to along with your name, serial number of the SkiByk, phone number and address. Once we have reviewed the claim we will make a determination on your claim and contact you directly.   If the claim is determined to be a manufacturer defect we will replace the part (shipping included in Continental USA only) however you must ship us the warrantied item (shipping not included)  prior to us shipping your replacement part. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly at .  

SkiByk SB100 Assembly instructions

Downloads DNM RCP-2S rear shock manual

DNM RCP-2S Manual (pdf)