SkiByk Reviews from our buyers

My new way to ski


I found skibyks on YouTube. It looked like something I wanted to try. I ski and snowboard. Called the company and got a hold of Chris, it was 730am. He answered all my questions, which took about hour. I bought a byk right after. Got the byk within a week, put it together and hit Sierra on a Monday. Best fun I ever had learning a new snow sport! I

f you can ride a bike and know how to work your edges, you're going to love this. The speed and control, took me by surprise, but some things I didn't expect, I wasn't tired after, my legs weren't cramping, getting on and off the lift was easy, moving the byk around on the flats and in lift lines is a breeze. I went up to Sierra two weeks later on a Saturday and it was packed! I had so much control on the byk though that I was weaving in between skiers and snowboarders with ease. Got asked a lot of questions, but most people are pretty enthusiastic about it. Going out again this weekend, curious to see how it handles in better snow and took some suggestions from Chris about adjusting the shocks and settings . I know I left a bunch of things out, I'll write another review after this weekend. I really can't say enough about it. I'm having a great time on the slopes this year.  

-Mike M.- 

This is the coolest item I have ever purchased and it's backed by top notch customer service.


The Skibyk SB100 is one of the coolest item I have ever purchased. Over the years, my garage has become full of fun winter sports product and this has, hands down, become my favorite one.  

Ski biking could very well be the next big shift in snow sports (the last being the introduction of snowboards to the resorts). With a background in mountain biking and

snowboarding, I felt confident on the slopes within a few runs. The Skibyk is nimble and dynamic while still offering a predictable feeling of stability. Without the need to strap in and out of skis or a snowboard loading and unloading on the lifts is super easy. I find that more of my time is spent carving the beautiful snow and less of my time is wasted messing with my gear.  

Chris, the owner of the company was exceptionally helpful with everything from the interest in demoing a Skibyke to help with assembly, to helping me find the best places to ride. I have honestly never received the type of attention and care that I got in my dealings with Skibyke at any other company. I judge that if more people did business like Chris, their businesses would be thriving. Skibyke provides a top notch product at a very reasonable price. As an added bonus, it’s backed by five star customer service. I highly recommend picking up a Skibyk as soon as possible. 

Brandon Q.

Amazing Product and Amazing Customer Service


I have been an avid ski bike rider for a little over 4 years and have tried many different bikes on the market and have owned a few as well. This is by far one of my favourites. The quality is unbeatable, I can personally guarantee you won’t find a better priced bike that has this great of quality. The frame down to all the individual parts are built to a high standard and no detail was left behind. The bike has full suspension that can be fully customized to your preference. The handle bar can be set at different heights to accommodate different sized people. The paint job of all the parts really makes this bike stand out! The skis are perfect for deep powder and carve through like a hot knife on butter. It’s also great for quick carving through snow of any depth. I personally work in the ski industry and can say Ski Biking is becoming the next big thing. The owner is amazing at customer service and will answer any and all questions you have. Thanks again for an amazing Ski Bike!

-Parker S.-

Serious piece of equipment!


I can't say how pleased I am with my Skibyk! I highly recommend this product... it really rips! I love it on the steeps, in the glades, on the jumps or just taking turns. It carves great on hard surfaces (I'm from the northeast) as well as in the soft stuff. Awesome customer service and support right from the point of purchase. I had not been able

to enjoy skiing due to knee injuries, but now my Skibyk lets me get back on the slopes...I'm so happy! -Mark A.-

So awesome!


Everywhere I go on the mountain people are stoked to see the skibyk! Not only is it the most badass thing on the mountain it saves your knees for guys like me who've had knee surgery. All around this bike is a blast to ride and Chris (owner) has personally texted and called me on several occasions to make sure I'm enjoying the bike and that everyt

hing is working as it should! Getting a SkiByk is a no brainer! -Jared F-

Love this byk!


SkiByk Review

This bike is a blast to ride, so much fun! I've been riding a Geary ski bike for 4+ years, but haven't touched it since I've been in this Skibyk. Its much lighter and extremely nimble compared to the Geary. Handles jumps with ease and rides well in soft or hard snow. Highly recommended! 

-Jason L.-

Amazing Customer Service


The owner of the company was in constant contact with me, letting me know about the process, and the bikes even arrived a day early! These things are amazing. Don't hesitate to buy one! -Eric W.-

I am very impressed with the build quality of this rig


I have been admiring Skibyk Skibikes from afar on FB, thinking that they looked very promising and have been itching to ride one. I got my chance today when Rob Ody hired me for and all-day skibike lesson at Kirkwood and showed up with his brand new SkiByk.

I must say I am very impressed with the build quality of this rig. My expectations of foreign-made knock offs is usually very low, but this bike exceeded those expectations. The geometry and design is modeled very VERY closely to my LenzRecon so it had a similar feel. My Lenzsport definitely feels better, and is in fact better in every way that is measurable, but I don't think this bike was meant to be direct competition for the Lenz. I think it was meant to be a solid, low cost, upgradeable, entry level bike - and it is definitely that.

The skis have a very tight sidecut radius which makes them very easy to turn at low speeds - perfect for beginning riders. I found myself wishing that the skis were 20% less stiff, but overall they felt perfectly adequate for an offering in this price rangeThe only real negative about this bike was the extremely uncomfortable saddle. After one run, I pulled it off and replaced it with one of the C9 Comfort saddles that I run on all my bikes. Rob was eternally grateful for that life-changing upgrade.

The skibike forums have been clamoring for a sub $1000 full suspension skibike with legit performance. Hats off to Chris Schuler for making that dream a reality. My 17 years in the skibike business cause me to predict that this will be the best selling skibike of all time, and will be hugely instrumental in growing this sport - which is great news for every manufacturer in the long run.

Matthew H.

Alpine SkiBike

The geometry Really makes a huge difference from the past conversion bikes that I’ve had.

This is my third ski bike. My first two bikes being conversions. The SkiByk is a very well-made mach

This is my third ski bike. My first two bikes being conversions. The SkiByk is a very well-made machine. The geometry Really makes a huge difference from the past conversion bikes that I’ve had. Making it easy to carve out good turns. I’m a bigger rider. I’m 6 foot 240 pounds and the bike suits me well due to the adjustments in the suspension. I would just recommend finding a seat that suits you and what is comfortable for your body type. I would class myself as a intermediate rider. I did put this bike through the test and it passed with flying colors. The customer service at SkiByk has been absolutely awesome! They really strive to have good relations with their customers. I highly recommend this bike to anyone at any skill that wants to try a great new snow sport.

Grego R.
*6’ 240lbs
*Avid mountain biker
*Motorcross (weekend warrior)
*Snowboarder ( beginner/intermediate)
*Fitness enthusiast
*Great outdoors junkie

It looks even better in person.


I needed an alternative to skiing due to back and neck injuries... and I found Skibyk.

First the bike: it looks even better in person. It rides great and it's light 

weight makes handling excellent.

Second customer service: I e-mailed 3 ski bike manufacturers. Chris responded same day. I never heard from the other 2. We had a meet setup for me to try a bike after a few days or so of talking. So today Jan 1 2019 I bought my bike after a day of carving the mountain with Chris. If that's no the best customer service I don't know what is...

Lastly on day one I was going down the intermediate runs having a blast. I would highly recommend if your curious try it.

Garnet M.

I would definitely recommend to anyone that they should get the skibyk


This is my second ski bike and this bike is amazing. Jump on and start rippin up the mountain. I had probably a dozen people stop me while riding and ask several questions about the bike and say how awesome it looked. I would definitely recommend to anyone that they should get the skibyk well worth the money.

Patrick K.

We had a complete blast our first time on our new Skibyk’s


Great experience working with Chris from day one. Then to top it off he met with my Son and I mountainside to give us a few riding pointers and bike setup tips. We had a complete blast our first time on our new Skibyk’s and are so glad we decided to buy a couple of them from Chris.

Jay H. 

It's nimble, yet stable, incredibly easy to learn.


I was introduced to ski-biking in early 2017. As a beginner skier I didn't have high expectations as snow sports were new to me.  I was wrong!  The SB100 falls to hand so easily.  It's nimble, yet stable, incredibly easy to learn.  Like most we get asked the same question "how do you stop?" My response.. "why would you want to?"  
Chris and team have hit a home-run with both the design and performance.  The customer service is 100% amazing. Be it questions about the bike or set up tips, Chris is a phonecall/email away. You will get a response!

SkiByk is onto something here.  I haven't seen this much attention on a sport in a long time. Wherever you go on your SB100, people stop and talk about it.  From the lift operators, to getting gas, to a hardware store in the middle of Dallas, Tx!  Everyone wants to know about these bikes.   Style, performance, brings communities and people together....  the perfect recipe for success.  Thank you SkiByk for introducing me to this sport.  Get one, be expressive, SMILE! 

Aaron R.

Retired Pro Mx'erMedia/Photographer/Attention Shovel

Arlington, Tx 

I didn’t even demo this bike no experience what so ever I just ordered one


I never skied in my life and I tried snow board once which I hurt myself. I tired Skibyk today and I got the hang of it in no time. Love my skibyk. I didn’t even demo this bike no experience what so ever I just ordered one. Thank you Chris and Alfie for this awesome product.

John V.

Fairfield, CA

Im never going back to skiing again


I happen to be a new Skibyk owner. I use to ski a lot a few years ago, but after trying one of these things. Im never going back to skiing again. It feels more skiing than biking minus my foot .

discomfort from my boots and knee and quad pain after. I can skibyk all day and not get tired at all. Itll beca whole new mountain and it even makes the green and blue runs a lot more fun and thrilling too! If you are already a skiier or a boarder and want to try something different and thinking about getting one, just go for it! You wont regret it! Its easy to learn. You’ll pick it up right way and its so much fun! Go out and shred some powder!

Stephen T.

Fairfield, CA

Highly recommend this bike to anyone considering a ski bike!


This bike is very easy to ride and is super forgiving if you push a little too much.
Gives you great feedback and let's you push yourself without feeling like you are riding on the edge of control.
Highly recommend this bike to anyone considering a ski bike!!!

Bryan F