End of 2018-19 Season Update - May 8, 2019


SkiByk Tribe…what a great season this has been…record snowfalls in many resorts, great SkiBike events at Hoodoo and Sierra-at-Tahoe and our second sell out season for the SB100 All-Mountain SkiByk.  The latter for which we need to thank our growing customer base. I have the pleasure of speaking with the majority of our owners personally and I can truly say we have great customers.  The comments, testimonials, facebook photos and just all around support our customers show us is amazing. So, thank you to all for your encouragement and support!

This year we had many of our customers buy a SkiByk, without ever riding one…this is due in large part to the many videos and comments we receive.  I think this is a true indicator of our sport and the potential growth that is coming…as more and more people see our SkiByk on the slopes and more rental options become available to potential riders…the sport of SkiBiking will continue to grow.

I have been asked by many of our customers why our SkiByk sells for less than $1000 USD…which is a great question.  The answer is simple…at SkiByk we are dedicated to growing the sport of SkiBiking and feel this is a price point that will help greatly in that endeavor.  All of the SkiBikes offered today in the $989-$1599 price point are built overseas.  They are all built out of aluminum and all have full suspension.  Our mission statements from day one pay homage to this and are as follows:

“Grow the sport of SkiBiking by providing a high-quality low-cost SkiBike designed for the masses” and “Provide exemplary customer service” 

Based on all of our reviews and the last 2 years of sales we feel very confident we are delivering on our promise!

The future for SkiBiking is exciting, this year we saw a few more resorts open up to us, we saw more events and I believe we will see more of the same next season.  To all SkiBikers in general, thank you, collectively we are all opening doors and as ambassadors for the sport our only challenge are general awareness and acceptance by Ski Areas.  If you are not a member of the American SkiBike Association…please join at www.americanskibike.com This is a group of volunteers who are focused on the continued growth of the sport.  Your nominal membership fee goes a long way in helping with that endeavor.

Finally to our growing SkiByk tribe…Big Mahalo for all of your support. This is a labor of passion for us at SkiByk, without your constant words of encouragement, posts, reviews and photos of you out Enjoying the Ride on your SkiByk…this business would just not be as much fun….we greatly appreciate all of you!

Always Enjoy the Ride,

Chris Schuler

Chief Excitement Officer

SkiByk, LLC

Update: January 19, 2018

What an incredible season 2017-18 has been and its only mid-Jan.  Despite the slow start to winter that many Ski areas around the country experienced…old man winter arrived and we have been able to get out and enjoy the ride on the SB100 All-Mountain SkiByk. For those of you following us we began delivering SkiBykes in November and are rapidly approaching a SELL OUT for this season.  We had a limited production run for this year so if you miss out, do not worry, we will be taking pre-orders and deposits for next year and with NO price increase to you!

To those of you who purchased a SkiByk and joined our ever growing SkiByk Owners Group (the OG’s)...I cannot thank you enough…not only do we greatly appreciate your support in purchasing your SkiByk…but all of us at SkiByk are blown away with all of your comments, pictures, videos etc you are posting up on Facebook.  For those of you who have personally called me and thanked me for building a great SkiByk…you are welcome…but that credit is shared by the team at SkiByk and your comments have been passed on!  All of us at SkiByk are thrilled that you are Enjoying the Ride and look forward to one day personally meeting all of our inaugural owners…henceforth known as the OG’s!  Thank you again…now get out there and Enjoy the Ride!


Chris Schuler

Chief Excitement Officer

SkiByk, LLC

SkiByk Ski bikes update!


October 24, 2017

To say we are excited for the upcoming 2017-18 Ski Bike season is an understatement…stoked is a better word for all of us at SkiByk headquarters.  We just returned last week from personally inspecting our first production run of the SB100 SkiByk and they look awesome! With our all aluminum frame, full suspension and Ski Bike specific 99cm skis…you will be ready to rip up the slopes right out of the box.  And since our SkiByks come 90% assembled from the factory…you will not need any special tools to get out on the slope…unless you consider an Allen Wrench a special tool! By the end of this week our storefront will be set up and once your order is processed, your 2018 SB100 SkiByk will ship out in 3 weeks! But wait it gets better…for those of you who are truly passionate about this sport and get asked every day you are on the slopes…”where can I get one” we have an opportunity for you.  If you would like to save some more CA$H on your SkiByk’s and even put some cash in your pocket (help pay for your season pass or lift tickets) give us a call and lets chat…253 266-2160.

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